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Track Name: Work On Time
All day long I'm lying in bed
Trying to come to a decision
Should I try to stimulate my mind?
Maybe I'll just try to get to work on time

I pull the sheets down off of my head
And shield my eyes as the light floods in
Drown myself in nicotine again
Maybe I'll just buy a bottle and call in

I am not my job
And you are not me
It's not for me
It's not for me
Baby, can't you see?

All night long I'm lying on the floor
Wondering how I got to be so bored
Maybe I'm lazy or maybe just depressed
Or maybe I just need to get some rest

And I'm still looking for a different kind of life
Where I can do what I want with my own time
I don't think I'm ever gonna find it here
I'm just so sick of trying to get to work on time
Track Name: I'm a Stupid Dick
If you would stay by my side
For one more night
Than I just might
Not have the urge
To chew off my finger tips
Or burn my lips
Or try to kiss the headlights of a speeding car

Now, if you
If you love me
Like I love you
I need to know
Cause I just can't take it anymore
No I can't take it anymore
My hearts a big fucking puddle of shit
That's lying stagnant and sitting on
Your car's floorboard
On your fucking floorboard
Well, I'm just a big stupid gay ass dick
And I'm not into girls any more
Track Name: My Girlfriend is a Pill Head
I'm not a pharmacist, but my girlfriend is a pill head.
Track Name: Fresh Cloud of Black Magic
I went down to the river
To wash away these sins of mine
But when I got down to the river
I came to find that I was blind
So if you go down to the river
Expect to see that ghost of mine
With paper skin chained to tree limbs
And a heart that burns so bright

I went down to the river
To flush that ghost right out of my spine
But when I got down to the river
That black magic was sexing my girl from behind
Track Name: Ripping Off Warren Zevon
I was born in '89
I got a little job working nine to five
All my friends said it wouldn't end well
When I went and got that job down at Taco Bell

I got no kids cause I can't get laid
All the girls want guys who get more pay
I got a bladder infection and two broken hands
Cause Taco Bell ain't got no medical plan

I was born in Mountain Home
My daddy left town when I was five years old
Now I'm 22 and making minimum wage
And I gotta jerk off every single day

I gotta walk on home in the freezing cold
Man this shit is getting old
So I killed myself and wound up in hell
'Til I realized I was back at Taco Bell
Working six days a week down at Taco Bell
Making full loaded nachos down at Taco Bell
And I'm supposed to wash my hands down at Taco Bell
But I never do down at Taco Bell
Track Name: Too Much Milk
Please stop fattening me up
I think I've had enough milk
My septum has swollen and split
Now my guts are starting to itch

I only see in patterns on gold paisley
Is this Montauk Point?
My brain just doesn't do that
Please, I swear I'll never tell

I'm gonna kill you fuckers!
I'm sorry I snapped like that
It's just, I gotta get home
Who's gonna feed my cat?
Track Name: Ballad of Carl
Well I hung my baby
Down from the rafters
In my daddy's old barn
And I promised myself
That I'd never
That I'd never do her no harm
But I caught my baby running around
With some son of a gun

Well I'm sitting here crying
In the back of
The back of my daddy's old shed
With a bible on the table
And a pistol
And a pistol in my hand
And I promised my dear old mama
I'd get right in the head

Now repentance
Can be one hell
Of a sour thing
Listen boys and girls
To these words
To these words I do sing
Tonight I'll be painting the barn
With a bucket of brains
Track Name: Demon Flex
How I've lived this long without a heart in my chest
Is a mystery to me, but my only guess
Is that the renegades pumped me full of teeth and nails
And left me out to dry behind some garbage pails
And those demon flex kids think they understand
That they'll follow me to the promised land
But I just sigh as they start to scram
Now I'm stuck jerking off with the good book in my hand

Let's give them something that we can breed
You bring the children, I'll bring the seed
Let's give them something that they can't perceive
Like a ripped American flag huffing gasoline
Track Name: Arkansas
Glory glory Hallelujah
Tell me, tell me whats that to ya

Thoughts that lurk behind these doors
feel like thoughts never thought before
You tell me tell me tell me tell me not to drink,
but I got so drunk I threw up in your sink
Torn between my decisions and yours
I passed out on the kitchen floor
You tell me tell me tell me tell me what to think
I think I'll find me a different state

We're getting the fuck out of Arkansas
Cause there ain't nothing here that we ain't saw

Depression is nothing less than the
Suppression of desire
And I desire nothing more
Than getting myself on out the door
Sick of this plaster, sick of this mold
We can be fast, we can be bold
And we can go north man, or we can go straight
Let's just gggget out of this state
Track Name: Lacking
I've got room to sulk
And room to grow
But I still haven't got
A fucking thing to show

So, I bought a truck
Thought I'd hit the road
But by the next town
I had turned back home

I thought I'd go to church
Get right with God
But I didn't find Her there
Can't say I looked that hard

Started looking for a job
Thought I'd found my trade
Was gonna live by the freeway
Now I just sleep all day
Track Name: What I Did Today
Today was a perfect day
I just sat at the edge of my bed
And watched X-files,
With the Spanish subtitles on,
While I gently, gently strummed
on my guitar
And my mom, she got mad at me
And said Hey Justin, don't you know
that we got company?


Well, today was a perfect day
I had one of those thoughts
That I've never thought before
While I was staring up at the poster
on my wall, of Cyclops and Jean Grey
Maybe I don't know anything at all
Maybe I don't even know who I am
Track Name: Phantasm Delay
My three eyes see three suns
And there's a child inside every one
My three sons have three eyes
And they drink everything that is floating by
My three wives melt into place
Three bells of wax on one naked face
My three hands hold a silver spoon,
A flask of tears, and a worn out shape