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Track Name: Stretch
I don't waste my time
Trying to pry your mind
Cause I know what I'll find
You're fucking slime

You like to think of yourself
As a real nice guy,
Who always tries to do his best,
But that's a stretch.

I don't buy that line
That you never had time
Cause I know you never tried,
I just never knew why

So don't waste my time.
Track Name: The Lord's Song, Sing Can We?
You are swift girl, you are slow
The light is gone, where do i go?
Holy shit man, the line is dead.
The Lord's song, sing can we?
The birds still sing, but I'm retarded
It won't stop, cause it just started
Holy shit man, its cold inside
The lord's song, sing can we?

The stars at night are much too far
I can't count them cause its too hard
Holy shit man, its cold outside
The lord's song, sing can we?
What difference does it make
If we drink wine, or eat cake?
Holy shit man, where am I?
The lord's song, sing can we?

I'm not sift girl, and I'm not slow
But now I know just where to go
Holy shit man, I'm excited
The lord's song, sing can we
Do you feel enlightened, do you feel brave?
Do you remember the mistakes you made?
Holy shit man, I'm done.
Track Name: Straight Shit
The people I know and places I go
Used to mean so much to me,
But the older I get, the longer I sit
Alone in my room and watch tv

Straight shit now

I feel like shit
all the time.
Track Name: Nothing To Say
Your great grand-daddy's ghost stories don't scare me no more
I saw his blood-ridden, sterile corpse.
The grass grew, and the trilliums thrived.
His body lies intertwined in a worldly garden.
May He rust with disgust as the fields burn black,
So that when the son is born, everyone will have already moved on,
Cause God is dead, and I can say what I want

(We're not white trash, we're just trash)

But I don't have anything to say
No, I never have anything to say to you.
Track Name: Sunday Afternoon Preteen Christian Dry Hump
I'm better off sleeping all day long
Than getting up early and going to my job
Trying to look busy and not get caught
But I'm just really insecure

Well I don't like cake, and I don't like ice cream
And I don't like to talk about my feelings
I just wanna be left alone
Cause I'm still just a little fucking boy

The lines on my face are growing long
The grey in my hair is growing strong
And my dick just keeps on getting soft
What am I gonna do?

The best I ever felt was ten years old
When my only worry was getting home
In time for dinner before it got cold
Everything sucks from here.
Track Name: Slag
I'm just lying on the bed looking up at the ceiling
In Kyle's room while hes out drinking
And I can't help but feeling like I'm stuck
I'm just so goddamned bored
My cat just threw up on the floor
And this room is starting to feel pretty fucked

The way I feel right now
Is the way I've always felt
And the way I'll always feel

I'm just staring outside of the drive through window
At a couple of fuckers in a bright red camaro
Cause they remind me a little bit of you
I just want to be at home bored and stoned and all alone
But when I am I just wanna leave

But still
But still
But still I never promised anyone I'd try my best, cause the best wasn't ever within my reach and I'm never gonna have to go to sleep again with the thoughts of big dreams and other things that have passed me by and grew right back like parts to the machine that I never built, cause nothing you feel is ever real and nothing real can ever be felt.

And now I'm staring at the wall
And the shades are all drawn
And I'm losing sleep
So I stayed up all night long
By myself and wrote this song
And tomorrow I think that I'll get some sleep
Shit yeah!
Track Name: Please Stop Talking To Me
Please stop talking to me.
Track Name: Not Peggy
Callous ideas are not void to me, impersonal feelings are obsolete
Limits of skin are not born within, but set by the people who let you in
Being born right and growing up wrong makes the hardest push the one you make on your own
The problems we seek come from people we meet, but the sweetest slice is always free

No one is ever here
Everyone is somewhere else
No one is ever here
But I'm never by myself

Taking the time to never walk the line can be harsh, inconsequential, but worth the grime
If I ever burn so bright as to lessen your view, just bend me over and run me through
Time doesn't heal and time doesn't feel, but the longer you wait the drunker I get
And at the bottom of that pit is another fucking pit, and it never ends, never ends, never never never ends.
Track Name: Gay Bashing Trash
I was lost without an erection
(All these girls are trash, All these girls are trash)
I soon got off to my own refelection
(All these boys are trash, gay bashing trash)
Now left with nightmares of perfection
(All these girls are trash, All these girls are trash)
And I'm doing my best to spread the infection
(All these boys are trash, gay bashing trash)
Track Name: Ivy League
I want to be so Ivy League
So everyone will cherish me
I will excel, I will succeed
In the image of superiority
I wanna fuck fuck fuck
I wanna drink drink drink
Don't wanna suck
Don't wanna think
I am not trash trash trash
Not lower class class class
And everyone
Will eat my shit

Oh yeah
We're getting laid tonight
Track Name: Slosm
My Name Is Slosm
and I really enjoy manipulating other people
Like turning statues into steeples
Cause people only see what they wanna believe
And you'd never believe what I've seen baby
You can't fuck your problems
Sometimes you just have to feel bad
I'm never coming back, never coming back, never coming back

You don't even know anything about yourself
And you're never gonna know anything about me
You're never gonna feel like this
You're never gonna feel like this

I'll be there for you with a shoulder and some wine
And tell you everything will be fine
You'll give to me the secrets of your heart
And the keys to your car
You can't weep your problems away
Sometimes you just have to feel bad
I'm never coming back, never coming back, never coming back

My name is Slosm and I'm never coming back
never coming back
never coming back.