Jerk Worship

by Suzi Trash

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Recorded May/June 2015 by Jason Kearbey. Album photo cred: Shay Rainey. Bass on tracks 5 and 10 by Jeremy Stephens. Trumpet on track 1 by Avery Kearbey. Track 13 was written by Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.


released October 30, 2015



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Suzi Trash

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Track Name: Nothing's Bothering
Should we try a little harder?
Try to get a little farther?
Or should we even bother?
We're all headed for the slaughter.

Nothing's bothering me,
Nothing's bothering,
Nothing's bother me,
No not today

Should we play a little louder?
Maybe be a little prouder?
Is there anybody out there?
Does it even matter?

I think I might try to be like you and your friends with your big dicks.
Everybody, everybody, everybody stop!
Prying my mind.
I don't wanna be there when you get mad cause everything sucks and you're so sad.
Track Name: Soul Bearing Trashcan
On its way down the sun left a
battery acid washed
stain on the covering clouds
over New Jersey.
As we started to move,
I could only breathe,
from the back of that cherry scented car
I saw how things really are,
and it still doesn't sit right.
You sure have some interesting problems.
I got the rest of my life to worry about wasted time,
for now, I'm gonna lay here anyways,
and just stare out of my window at that tree
that blocks me from seeing anything.
I know you probably won't be hanging around
with me anymore, and that's okay 'cause I got
nothing, nothing but lies, and bruises on my thighs.
Oh God, I think I'm gonna be sick.
I woke up half-stoned in a
horrible sweaty haze.
Out here even the universe
hates itself.
Track Name: God is Gay
A bony white-knuckled fist,
left my eyes star-crossed.
And then the television screen
threw me back up.

Yeah, if God's so great and you're so loved,
then how come everyone looks at you funny?
They're just waiting for you to die,
so they can take all of your money.
In defense of the unpowered swarm,
there never was any movement.
Just pull the tape off of your mouth,
so you don't choke on your own vomit.

Is there no smoke,
to wave away from
your burning eyes?
Your face is lighting up.

Yeah, if life's so good and you're so safe,
then how come the cups still look at you funny?
They don't care if you live or die, 'cause
you don't have any money.
In defense of the unpowered swarm,
there never was any movement.
Just roll your tongue back up in your mouth,
and quit making all of us look so bad.
Track Name: Wrong Song
Yes, I know, I'm quite aware, I just try really hard to act like I don't care.
You talk to me like I'm stupid, but if you're so cool man, why don't you prove it?
My bruised and busted, broken shell. If my body's a temple, I'm going to hell.
I tried so hard to convince myself, but you're no different than anybody else.

Every night's as dark as the night before, yeah right.
That curdling stillness always comes back in legions.
Every day's exactly the same to me, yeah me.
I take a little break, then go back to sipping my coffee.

I'm so tired from too much sleep, so I take solace in my apathy.
I'm losing concentration, it's so hard to meet your expectations.
You're free to sleep, but not to bed. A shallow lover is a shadow instead.
Did you have too much to drink? You're starting to act like a creep.
Track Name: Friends Make Me Sick
Just leave me alone
Cause you know where I'll be
Sobbing over you
Beneath some other street
And if you happen to spill
Your E.S.P.
Try jerking off
To your best friend's