Bad Times

by Suzi Trash

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released July 15, 2010

Thanks to Josh Kawai at Black Sheep Audio, Nick Naioti, and the rest of House Pride Records.



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Track Name: Bad Times
Yeah, I drink a lot when I'm by myself and it ain't so bad
Yeah, I think a lot about the bad times and how they ain't so bad
No, I'm really not gonna think this through because I don't care
But hey! Things will never be the same
The good times are gone forever man, and thats ok
Yeah, I drink a lot when I'm by myself and it ain't so bad
Yeah, the truth is out there, but I really just don't think you're ever gonna find it
Yeah, so I'm all alone, but its not that bad because I'm not that sad
Track Name: Darkside of Texas
The sun don't shine in the valley of the vines
Theres a girl waiting there for me
I rode that thunder express to the dark side of texas
And I drove that train into the sea
You can hear my iron lung ring out in the belly of the beast
And ride that beautiful stallion back east
My friends and my family died a long long time ago
And your the only one out there for me
You strive for perfection, ask that goucho for direction
To that church in Albequerque
On your knees for salvation, yes your prayers could save a nation
Just hold on to those rosary beads
And I swear to you that I'll be back in a week or two
Because I left my regrets in the dark side of texas and they're gonna be buried there for good.
Track Name: I'm Losing Muscle Mass
I'm losing muscle mass, blood in the urine tract
How much paint would it take to get my courage back?
Skin the sewer rats, street lamps are turning black
How much time would it take to push the fires back?
Now I'm burning down city hall
Track Name: I Found The Devil
I found the devil today, he had some gorgeous eyes
his skin was milky white, strawberry hair ran down his spine
I'd give anything to make that devil mine
like maybe buy him a drink, or give him the eye across the bar, or serenade him with my rusty guitar
I'd give just anything to spear that devil's heart
So I took that devil home, turned off the lights and unplugged the phone, in my room we're all alone
And I said, I said just shut your mouth and kiss me boy
Track Name: Burn, Burn, Burn
Well they burn, burn, burn right down into the grass
Those churches and their steeples are turning into ash
Tell your kids they had best start running
Tell your parents the apocalypse is coming now

Theres no need to wear a frown
We'll turn those crucifixes upside down
And when the pastor and his family come around
They'll be hanging from the trees on the edge of town

And I turn, turn, turn my thoughts to the past
I think about the bad times and how they seem to last
Because I've never felt so free
In this heathen jubilee as I do now
Track Name: Black Stag
If you pull that pin out of the corner of my eye then I could cry my way back home
We could tear those statues from their bases in the sand and throw them in the swamp and never be alone
I could quit my job and burn my clothes and circumcise my son on the black stag's throne
You can see my claws and you can see my snout and sell me to the hunters in the barren south
I could worship their ground and I could pull their plows and I could grow tobacco in the roof of my mouth
And when the dusk came along we'd vomit this song and infect all the farm hands with a case of the gout
When the earth caved in and the stentch was the wind everyone started to atone for their sins
And what the earth spewed forth was an image of a horse with a noose wrapped firmly around its chin
And it threatened to lynch all those who oppose with a silent standing army of its guillotine men.
Track Name: Pig's Blood
He liked to get drunk off of pig's blood and rum
His nihilistic views were indifferent to some
So he went to the pawn show to purchase a gun
But the girl, she loved him the same
Satanic tattoos and the holes in his head
Were a red flag to others they say he'd be better off dead
Nobody listened to a word he said
But the girl, she loved him the same
And when the sun shines black the blood runs on the sand
The anti-christ seed is spread through land
The boy and the girl stood hand in hand
And said this is the end of the game
We're going to pass through the flame
I won't even remember your name
But I'm gonna love you the same
Yes I'm gonna love you all the same
Track Name: You Can't Fuck My D.N.A.
You can't fuck my D.N.A.
You can't see geometric shapes
Geometry is a form of rape
And you can hear the vultures scream
There is only one cure for beatlemania
Pesticides, Pesticides
A guitar that fumes out pesticides
Laced with the strings of Bob Dylan's hide
Floating down a river of John Denver's eyes
And you can hear the vultures scream
You can't fuck my D.N.A.
Track Name: Zombie Surfing U.S.A.
All those corpse girls on the beach
Are always craving that sun bleached meat
To carry their skin bags back to sea
But the red-ripped waves won't carry them back to the heat
I'm a zombie, I'm not from California
But if I was, I 'd be surfing everyday
Zombie Surfing U.S.A.
Zombie Surfing U.S.A.
Zombie Surfing U.S.A.
Hang ten
Drop dead
All those corpse girls on the beach
The ones with driftwood nailed to their feet
Those are the types of girls we'd like to meet
But the red-ripped waves won't carry them back to the heat
I'm a zombie, I'm not from California
But if I was, bury me by the bay
Hang ten Drop Dead