Fat Dilemma

by Suzi Trash

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Brand new shit!


released June 2, 2011

Thanks to House Pride Records, Josh Kawai at Black Sheep Audio, and a very special thanks to Santana Belt for the sweet vocals on track 4, Josh Kawai (again) for the bad ass slide guitar on track 12, Kayla Whitehead for some rad trumpet on track 3, and Siouxsie Rosales for helping me translate track 9 into Spanish. All songs written and performed by Suzi Trash except for track 10, which was written by The Righteous Brothers.



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Suzi Trash

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Track Name: My Newborn Wife
All the little boys and all the little girls are afraid of me
They hope and they pray and they stay away, yeah they stay away from me
I've lived under the powerlines my entire life
And I've shared my bread with moths and heathens and my newborn wife
But, when I'm feeling down, whoah- yeah
All the little boys and all the little girls scream as I flee the scene
All their little ribbons and all their little bows are tied to the toes sewn to my feet
They hope and they slime and they pantomime under the florescent lights
The power lines have been good to me, and my newborn wife
And when I'm feeling down, whoah- yeah
How could I be so blind to the contagions forming around my eyes
And all those cats that go under my couch never seem to make it out
My newborn wife likes to feed the lice to mice that we trade for spice
The powerlines have been good to me and this mold that is my life
But, when I'm feeling down whoah-yeah
Track Name: Hot Birth
He painted his brain with an acid glaze
Fire from the Gods would spill his face
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Were stricken with leprosy and hence
Put back in the pens
Spit Venom
Hot Birth
Track Name: I Don't Ever Think About It
The hands on the clock move into place
These shadows hide my busted face
The static is screaming on the t.v. screen
What in the hell is that supposed to mean?

Well, I don't ever think about it
No, I don't ever think about it
Cause' I don't wanna think about it

Eat your biscuits and eat your bread
That water goes straight to your head
Cryptic words in a cryptic sense
Come on man, that's some heavy shit

Well, I don't ever think about it
No, I don't ever think about it
Cause' I don't wanna think about it
Track Name: Fresh Meat
Fresh meat on the side of the road
Had fresh meat on her bones
And his primitive nose had picked up her scent
His hands started to sweat
At the thought of how wet,
Of how disgustingly wet
Fresh meat could actually get
Garbage fire inside of his skull
Billowed smoke from his holes
And rolled down the seam of his clothes
And caused a horrible itch
An itch that could never be scratched
By the whores and the hags
An itch that could only be scratched
By a chick freshly hatched

Oh! You smell like a God, she said
Smell like a God
I've always wanted my first time to be with a man of respect
All my girlfriends warned of being ripped and torn
A Casanova with a sweet face glued to his head
I'm only sixteen years old, just ran away from home
Could you give me a ride?
I just need a safe place, somewhere to hide
Come on, let me inside

He felt like he was going to faint
A tender feast free from the taint
His hands, they started to shake
As he slid his greasy palm up her leg
The face she made was plum full of hate
He though she was the one he'd penetrate
She gouged out his eyes and pulled out his tongue
Stuck three fingers down his throat and pulled out his lungs.
Track Name: What I Did Today
Today was a perfect day
I just sat at the edge of my bed, and watched x-files
with the Spanish subtitles on while I gently, gently strummed on my guitar
And my mom she got mad at me, and said "Hey Justin, don't you know that we got company?"

Today was a perfect day
I had one of those thoughts that I've never thought before, while I was staring up at the poster on my wall of Cyclops and Jean Grey
Maybe I don't know anything at all, maybe I don't even know who I am
Track Name: Virgin Swine
No sex, No problem
Track Name: Electric Sheep
I sit, I grin, and I stroke my chin
I think about all the little children
I can't close my eyes
and I can't get in your thighs
I am an electric man
I have electric hands
I am a machine
I have electric dreams
Electric dreams of electric sheep
Baby, I'm an electric creep
I don't have real friends
Or a God to believe in
I was born dead
Computer parts in my head
I got no bones I got no skin
I got a heart, but it's made of tin
I am a machine
I have electric dreams
Electric dreams of electric sheep
Baby, I'm an electric creep
And when I lay awake at night
I wonder what it feels like
to be
A real fucking boy
I got no dad, I got no mom
I got no place to call my home
I'm not from earth, I'm not from space
I'm not from any place
Electric dreams of electric sheep
Baby, I'm an electric creep
Track Name: Leftover Science Experiment
So you think your some kind of science experiment waiting for the drip?
Well guess what sir, I've got news for you: The sores are full of spit.
Track Name: New Sweat
When the kids get back from killing cats
We can all take a trip down to the tracks
Where we'll dine and we'll dine on the whores and the swine, and drink motor oil 'til we're pissing red wine

Somebody snap my spine back into place!
The priest stopped the chiropractor at the front gate
This man he knows his sins
And for his sins, he must pay.
Track Name: Under The Vomit
Ten leagues under the vomit
I gotta come up for air
The breeze on crystal beach is toxic
The gulls are drunk on gin and tonic
And I can't breath under the vomit
We'll take all you mother fuckers
and all your little kids
And line you up with the protestants
And pump you all full of radiation
And then we can all be free again
Ten days after the bombs hit
My head really started to hurt
I can't stomach the spores in the water
And I'm still coughing up dirt
And I can't breathe under the vomit
Track Name: Estamos Jodidos
Estamos Jodidos!

I like to spend my days by the side of the road
I keep my whiskey warm and my blood running cold
'Cause when I get to the end of that fucking road
There ain't nothing there but a big black hole
I like to spend my nights out under the stars
Riding in the back of a police car
Face all bloody, lungs full of char
It's just bad fucking karma

I want danger and I want fun
I wanna live my life out on the run
Not stuck out here on the 101
Going headfirst into that big black sun
Everybody is always telling me
What I gotta do to be free
But there's no freedom, just apathy
Oh, and bad fucking karma